Monday, July 6, 2009

God Bless America!

IMG_0138Yesterday was the fourth of July.  Mr. D. (Papa) went to our grandson’s All Star Baseball Game and  I (Nana) babysit two of the smaller grandsons (siblings) so Mommy, Daddy and Papa could watch the game in peace.  The boys and I  had a wonderful day!  We began our day by displaying the American flag (Above is a view from my dining room window).  We went out on the front porch and placed our hands on our hearts and said the Pledge of Allegiance.  Lord, how thankful I am for our freedom! May we never forget that this freedom we enjoy was at a great cost. Many lost their lives in the pursuit of freedom from England. And thank you, Lord,  for those who have continued to give of themselves down through the years to protect our great nation. 

I couldn’t help but think of our greatest freedom – freedom in Christ Jesus! If the Son sets you free – you are free indeed! It is in Christ that we live and move and have our being.  How thankful I am to Christ that he saved me years ago.  My life has never been the same! I’ve been set free!


Here are my cute grandsons.  I cut some Shasta Daisies and let the boys arrange them in the vase.  Monday, I will put a bow around the vase and place them on the corner of my desk at work. When I glance at them during the week, I’ll think of those precious boys!


While waiting for our neighborhood parade to begin, I gave the boys some big bibs, a bowl of strawberry ice cream and let them swing on the front porch.


The parade is about ready to begin! Nana had to work fast to move the boys to the edge of the lawn for a better view as the parade turns the corner.  Our neighborhood parade is simple and sweet. The  children decorate their bikes to celebrate Independence Day and drive through the neighborhood to show them off. You’ll find many neighbors sitting out in their yards, waving as the children pass by.


Of course we had to take our ice cream with us as we watch the parade!


The parade has begun! That’s a pretty big kid on that bike! We waved and cheered as he passed by.




There were so many children in the parade and the boys loved it. Now we are ready for more fun! We’re off to the neighborhood club house.


Hmmm…which inflatable do we want to try?


This is too much fun!

IMG_0120 Here he comes!

IMG_0123  After enjoying a barbecue lunch by the pool, we ended our day with snow cones!  Time to go home – Nana had fun but is pooped!

IMG_0118The boys said, “Thanks, Nana!”  “No, no, boys, thank YOU! You blessed Nana’s day!”


  1. Those have to be the two cutest boys I have ever seen in my life! Hee.Hee.
    I know one thing for sure...they have the greatest Nana in the world!
    Thanks for watching them, Mom!
    I love you.

  2. Hey mom! Great post! I guess my last comment got erased. Those boys sure are adorable, and they sure do love their Nana! When Eli woke up this morning, I said, "What do you want to do today?" And without hesitation, he said, "Go to Nana's house!"
    Thanks for helping me so much this weekend!

  3. Hi there, its me Lori, Traci's friend. I clicked your link from her blog... really nice job! You are going to have a good time with this, not to mention all the fans stopping by to see more pics of those sweet little guys. Looks like you had a great day together! Take care!