Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Our Grandson Has a Servant’s Heart



This is our 21-year-old grandson, Cory. He came over before going to work one Saturday a few weeks ago to help his Papa mulch. He works at a golf course during the summer. He attends a Christian College in Kentucky on Academic and Basketball Scholarships. We are so proud of him! (sorry,I really shouldn’t brag, but I am a grandmother…that does count, doesn’t it?)

Cory needs your prayers. He wants to be a doctor and will be taking a test for med school this Friday. Please be in prayer for him that he does well on the test. Thank you so much!


On this particular Saturday, Cory could have used the excuse that he had to work that day, but, no, he wanted to help because he knew his Papa needed him. He and his Papa are big buddies! Helping others is such a blessing! I’m thankful Cory is making wise decisions at a young age.


Thanks to Cory, Papa got his yard mulched that day. I ran out for Subways and we had an enjoyable lunch. Cory showered and got to work on time!

Has the Lord laid it on your heart to be a servant to someone today, tomorrow, next week? Keep your ears and eyes open, He will! Grab the chance…Be a blessing….and you will be blessed!

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  1. I know where he gets his servant's heart...his Nana and Papa! You and Dad were such a great help this past Saturday! We got so much done, didn't we? Thanks for helping us in such a big way. The strawberry pizza was delicious.
    Love you bunches,