Friday, July 31, 2009

My Great Aunt Nell’s Ring

I’m participating in an Heirloom Party today! It is hosted by Marie, whose blog is Emma Calls me Mama.

As I open the memory doors of childhood, I recall the times my Great Aunt Nell came to our house every Sunday afternoon. My siblings and cousins hid whenever they saw her walking up the steps toward our front door because they knew she would kiss them. They hated her WET kisses! However, I ran toward Aunt Nell with open arms, eagerly anticipating her kiss. Even at a young age, I realized her kisses symbolized a great big heart bursting with love.

Aunt Nell’s sister, my grandmother, died when I was a baby, so I thought of Aunt Nell as my grandmother. She had no children or grandchildren of her own, and I was perfectly willing to fill that void. My precious Aunt Nell died many years ago but the seeds of faith and love that Christian woman planted in my heart are still growing strong. I’m sorry my siblings and cousins didn’t get to know Great Aunt Nell the way I did, because to know her was to love her – and her WET kisses!


When I think of an heirloom that is most dear to my heart, I think of Aunt Nell’s ring. This ring was passed down to my dear, precious Mother, Nellie, who was named after Aunt Nell and then she passed it down to me. (What a wonderful mother I had! “Her children rise up and call her blessed… Proverbs 31:28) I wear the ring everyday because it is a reminder of two Godly women I loved and adored. I will be looking for them when I get to heaven someday!


  1. Mom,
    What a precious post about Aunt Nell. I sure do wish I could have known her. I have heard you speak so lovingly of her for so many years. It's amazing the impression one life can make on another. She would be so proud to see the amazing mother and grandmother you have become.
    What a precious heirloom!
    Hugs and Wet Kisses,

  2. Hello Wanda - thank you for joining the party! What a sweet heirloom that has been passed down to you. The ring is beautiful. But more beautiful is the story behind the ring - the owner - Aunt Nell. The precious bond you had with her and the living legacy she instilled in you for the love of the Lord. What a blessing!


  3. Beautiful ring and even more precious are the memories :)


  4. What a beautiful post and a beautiful ring and a beautiful person! It's an heirloom of God's love and blessings!

  5. What a touching story about your Aunt Nell! She sounds like she was such a blessing to you.


  6. Oh what a precious tribute to your Aunt Nell and to your mom. The ring is just gorgeous and such a special heirloom. Great post. We just got back from vacation, so I am trying to catch up. So glad I didn't miss this post. Thanks for sharing such a special story. Hugs, Marty