Sunday, July 12, 2009

Meal Prayers at Nana’s and Papa’s House


These are our son’s children and Nana & Papa are babysitting. They love Nana’s spaghetti. I fixed it for them.  As with the other grandchildren, we bless the food before we eat.  Before we bless the food, however, we choose a Bible Promise to read. 

When Mr. D and my children were little we had a small plastic “Our Daily Bread” box with Bible promises in it and our children took turns reading one before meals. It was given to us by our neighbor, affectionately known as “Grandma Daisy.” Along the years, it soon got lost in our many moves.


Luckily, I found another one a few years ago at our Lifeway Baptist Bookstore and now we enjoy the tradition with our grandchildren! Even if they can’t read, they like to draw out a card and let someone else read it for them.


Here is our10-year-old granddaughter reading a promise. She takes it very seriously. Afterwards, Mr. D (Papa) said the blessing.

Having meals together as a family is so important. I heard on Dr. Dobson last week that children who have meals at home around the table only two nights a week are more likely to take drugs when they are older than those children who have meals at home five nights a week.  It’s hard to plan menus, cook and get the family all together at one time but it is well worth the effort!  Savor those moments!

Now the kids are grown, Mr. D and I still enjoy our meals at the table.  We discuss the children, grandchildren, the problems of the world, our jobs,  etc. 

Just today, after church, I was feeling anxious and a little blue.  As I randomly picked a card from the promise box, I gasped!  It was my favorite Bible verse! “Peace I leave with you…let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid...” John 14:27.  My eyes filled with tears as I read the promise. Thank you, Lord for the reminder!  Mr. D blessed the food and all was well.

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  1. Aw, Mom! You two are so precious! Thanks for all of the years of instilling God's words in our hearts. I treasure every memory!
    I love you,